News: Comission discusses the contribution of biofuels to Brazilian NDCs



Rodrigo Lima, Director General of Agroicone, partner institute of CLIMA, participated as private sector representative in the debate.

On November 8th a public hearing on “The contribution of biofuels in the fulfillment of Brazilian objectives established in its NDCs)” was organized by the Comissão Mista de Mudanças Climáticas (Mixed Comission on Climate Change of the Brazilian Parliament’s Upper House), with participation from Rodrigo Lima, Director General of Agroicone, to debate the influence of biofuels in the fulfillment of the Brazilian objectives established in the COP21 Paris Agreements.

Ratified last October by Brazil, the Paris Agreement is an international treatise that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and thus contribute to halting global warming. Brazil has a fundamental role in this scenario, and has committed to reducing its GHG emissions by 37% by 2025 and by 43% by 2030 (both compared to 2005). Actions in the sectors of land use, renewable energies and low carbon agriculture are key elements of Brazil’s contributions.

The discussions focused on the role of investment needs into research, factory (re-)design, appropriate raw materials, export and import of feedstock and agricultural products, and questions related to public health.

“In the following two years (2017 and 2018) national negotiations are necessary to structure a new climate policy – the Brazilian policy on climatic change is a beginning – as well as sectorial policies, including the establishment of rules for NDCs to become reality. Brazil is no longer in a phase of voluntary contributions, we now have an absolute emissions reduction target, and for that, we require a robust policy framework, with mechanisms for monitoring, reporting and verifying NDCs as well as to create a Brazilian carbon market that is aligned with the Paris Agreement negotiations as well as with incentive structures for the long run”, affirmed Rodrigo Lima in this presentation.

The public hearing in its entirety can be viewed here (in Portuguese only):

Other information related to COP22

In Morocco, at COP22, the Federal Government has co-launched an initiative to promote the use of biofuels in Brazil and in the international market. The Biofuture Platform will have a key role in promoting the use of biofuels to cut GHG in the transportation sector and thereby contribute to slowing down global warming. In addition, the Biofuture Platform aims to showcase Brazilian initiatives such as the development of second generation biofuels produced in Brazil. For more information, visit

Foto: Roque de Sá/Agência Senado (CC BY 2.0)

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