Publication: Consequences of Brazilian biofuels expansion on land use, water and the economy until 2030 under climatic change

Summary The expansion of Brazilian biofuels is at the center of a debate on the overall sustainability of the sector. This debate has been initially linked to disagreements on the true potential of biofuels to contribute to mitigation… Read More

Autor: Favaro JR. Favaro Junior

Comment: Biofuels in Brazil, and research needs for climate mitigation and adaptation planning

Biofuels play an important role in the context of climate change. Limiting global warming by 2100 to +1.5°C to +2°C, as agreed at COP21 last year in Paris, will require ambitious actions in the land use and forest… Read More

Publication: International cooperation for the development of sustainable biofuels – a Brazilian-German example

This paper (in Portuguese only) presents the motivation of our international research project “Integrated Modeling of the Land Use, Water and Energy Nexus of Brazilian Biofuels Expansion under Climate Change” (CLIMA), supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment,… Read More