Publication: Consequences of Brazilian biofuels expansion on land use, water and the economy until 2030 under climatic change

Summary The expansion of Brazilian biofuels is at the center of a debate on the overall sustainability of the sector. This debate has been initially linked to disagreements on the true potential of biofuels to contribute to mitigation… Read More

Publication: Estimating WRSI and YR indices for five selected cultures in NE Brazil

Summary How climate variability and change affects agricultural productivity is also relevant for land use management. In CLIMA, our climate projections are integrated by analyzing the risk of planting a certain crop at a certain date. We calculate the WRSI (water requirement satisfaction… Read More

Presentations from final CLIMA workshop available

Outcomes On 15 December 2016 the CLIMA platforms final workshop took place in the Palácio do Itamaraty of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Organized in collaboration between the Center of Integrated Studies on Climate Change and Environment… Read More